The Best Lawn Tractor Carts in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

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A lawn tractor cart is a vehicle that is typically used to move lawn equipment. These carts typically have a capacity of around 1000 pounds, which means they are able to move around a lot of equipment at once. They are also typically very quiet, which means they are perfect for moving around the property without disturbing anyone.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lawn Tractor Carts


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Agri-Fab Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart


Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart


Craftsman Poly Dump Cart


With summer here, many homeowners are thinking about getting a lawn tractor. However, before you go out and purchase one, you may want to consider investing in a lawn tractor cart. Lawn tractor carts can make it much easier for you to operate your machine. Not only will this save your back from pain, but it also makes it easier for you to transport the machine around the yard. So if you’re looking for an investment that will pay off in spades this summer, consider investing in a lawn tractor cart.

List of 5 Best Lawn Tractor Carts

#1. Agri-Fab Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

The Agri-Fab Dump Cart is the perfect solution for any agricultural or construction site. This Agri-Fab dump cart is a heavy-duty workhorse that will make your job easier. It can handle a weight limit of 750 pounds, making it ideal for transporting debris, sand, dirt, rocks, and more.

It is ideal for busy farmers, gardeners, and home Improvement enthusiasts. This dump cart has a steel bed with scratch-resistant, powder-coat paint finish for longer product life. This pneumatic dump cart is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, its 16 inch x 4 inch tires make sure it has plenty of grip when navigating any terrain.

This Cart’s Wheel bearings feature grease zerks for easy maintenance and long life. These bearings are constructed with high quality materials and features precision machining for a perfect fit. Grease zerks allow for quick and easy access to the grease fittings, keeping your dump cart moving smoothly.

This dump cart can handle up to 10 pallets of waste at a time, making it easy and efficient to get everything cleaned up. With its comfortable and sturdy frame, the dump cart is sure to make your job easier. Plus, with its 3 year limited consumer warranty, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible product.

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#2. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

This heavy-duty cart is designed to handle all of your waste disposal needs – from dumping bulky items like furniture to disposing of large piles of trash. It’s quick-release feature makes it easy to unload, so you won’t have to spend time struggling with the weight.

It can handle a weight of up to 1200 lbs, making it the perfect cart for any job. Plus, its 2-in-1 convertible handle makes it easy to switch between dumping and carrying modes, and the overall design ensures that this cart will be able to withstand the toughest conditions.

This Dump Cart is designed with an innovative, easy-to-assemble design that makes it perfect for any yard. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you can dump your dirt, sand, or gravel with ease. Plus, its durable construction ensures that it will last through years of use. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. So whether you’re in need of a new dump cart for your home or business, the Gorilla Carts Poly Yard Dump Cart is an excellent choice.

#3. Craftsman Poly Dump Cart

The Craftsman Poly Dump Cart is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or small business owner who needs a reliable, durable cart to haul all of their materials. This dump cart has a 350 lb. capacity and can handle 10 cu. ft. of material with ease. It has a 14 in. pneumatic ribbed style tires for easy maneuverability, and it is designed with a durable steel frame that will last through many projects.

This Dump Cart is a lightweight and easy to assemble bed. It takes only 30 minutes to put it together, which is great for busy people. The bed is made from high-quality plastic materials, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

It also comes with a variety of features that make it easy to use, including a front loading dump bed and an adjustable handle height. With its versatile design and heavy load capacity, the Craftsman Poly Dump Cart is the perfect choice for any job!

#4. John Deere Poly Lawn Tractor Cart

The John Deere Poly Dump Cart is the perfect tool for loading and unloading your lawn tractor. The 180 degree dump angle makes it easy to maneuver around tight spots, and it also has a large capacity of 650 lbs., making it the perfect choice for larger clean-ups.

It’s 10 cu. ft. heavy duty poly bed lawn tractor cart is perfect for those small or large yards, and won’t dent or rust. The poly bed makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver, while the quick release feature means you can quickly change out your mowing deck without having to remove the entire cart.

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This Lawn Tractor Cart is the best way to tackle any lawn job. The 15-inch x 6-inch tubeless pneumatic tires make it easy to navigate over bumpy terrain, and the easy hands-free foot pedal makes it simple to push.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers any defects in the cart’s mechanical. If there are any issues with the cart during the first year, John Deere will fix or replace it free of charge. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or using the tiller, this tractor cart is sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

#5. Ohio Steel 4048P-HYB Dump Lawn Tractor Cart

The Ohio Steel Tractor Cart is another best choice for homeowners who need a durable and reliable dump cart to get their lawns cleaned up quickly. This 15 cubic foot dump cart has a weight capacity of 1250 pounds, making it ideal for cleaning up small areas or moving large objects. The tractor cart also features an easy-to-use design that makes maneuvering around your yard simple and straightforward.

Its 16 in. commercial grade multi-terrain tires provide stability and traction on rougher terrain, making it perfect for larger yards or heavier loads. With its easy steerability and adjustable boom, this lawn tractor is simple to maneuver.

This tractor cart has a steel frame that makes it sturdy and long lasting performance. Its bed material is Premium structural polyethylene foam, which makes it easy to clean and stain-resistant. You can use this tractor cart for a variety of purposes, including mowing the lawn, removing leaves, or moving dirt.

This lightweight, easy-to-use cart features a foot pedal for 100-degree radius movement, so you can easily maneuver it around any yard. Whether you’re just starting out on your gardening journey or you’ve been doing it for years, the Ohio Steel Lawn Tractor Cart is the perfect tool for getting the job done right.

Best Lawn Tractor Carts: Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lawn tractor cart, including the type of lawn tractor you own and the size of your yard.  To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a best lawn tractor carts buying guide.

  • Type of Lawn Tractor

When purchasing a lawn cart, the type of tractor factor to consider is the power and size of the tractor it will be used with. Many smaller tractors are not powerful enough to pull a large lawn cart, while larger tractors may not be able to move along narrow paths or over bumps easily. Additionally, the size and power of the tractor will dictate how much lawn cart weight can be carried.

  • Dumping

When purchasing a lawn cart, the dumping factor to consider is the amount of weight that the cart can lift. Larger carts can accommodate more weight and are generally more expensive. However, smaller carts may be easier to maneuver and may be less expensive.

  • Tires
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The proper choice of tires when purchasing a lawn cart is an important consideration. Tires that are designed for carts will provide better handling and stability, and will last longer than those that are not specifically made for the task. It is also important to consider the weight of the cart, as well as the terrain on which it will be used.

  • Bed Capacity

When purchasing a lawn cart, it is important to consider the bed capacity. A cart with a bed capacity of 350 lbs or more should be considered, as this will allow for more items to be transported without having to worry about them being too heavy to carry. Additionally, the weight of the items being transported can affect how easily the cart can be pushed.

  • Size of Yard

When purchasing a lawn cart, the size of the yard should be a significant factor to consider. In order to determine the size of the yard, one must divide the total square footage of the yard by the number of items that the lawn cart will be used for. For example, if someone has a 1,000 square foot yard and they want to use their lawn cart to transport groceries, then their cart would need to be at least 36 inches wide.

Best Lawn Tractor Carts

Best Lawn Tractor Carts: FAQs

Q. What is the pressure requirement for dump cart wheels?

The pressure requirement for dump cart wheels is two pounds per square inch (PSI). This is the minimum pressure that the wheel must withstand in order to function properly. The greater the pressure, the more load the wheel can carry.

Q. How long do dump carts last?

The lifespan of a dump cart can vary depending on the type of dump cart and the condition it is in. Typically, dump carts last around 20 to 30 years. Over time, the dump cart may experience wear and tear, which may cause it to breakdown prematurely. If the dump cart is not used frequently, it may last even longer.

Q. Is a dump cart the same as a wheelbarrow?

A dump cart is generally easier to use than a wheelbarrow, as the latter requires more strength and coordination. Additionally, dump carts are often fitted with larger wheels that make them more stable when rolling.


There are a lot of different lawn tractor carts on the market, and it can be tough to find the best one for your specific needs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the five best lawn tractor carts, based on our own experiences and reviews from other people who have also searched for a lawn tractor cart. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about which tractor cart is right for you.

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