5 Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes in 2022 [Buying Guide & Reviews]

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Tomatoes are a delicious, nutritious vegetable that can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. To ensure a successful tomato crop, you will need the right growing supplies. One of these is a grow bag. Grow bags are a great way to garden, as they allow you to control the amount of light and warmth that your plants receive. They are also a great way to reduce soil moisture loss and keep your plants evenly moistened.

Our Top Picks for The Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes


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VIVOSUN 5 Gallon Grow Bags


JERIA 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags


Futone Planter Grow Bags


When selecting a grow bag, be sure to consider the size of the plant you will be growing, the type of plant, and the climate where you live. Here are five grow bags from top brands that will help you produce some delicious tomatoes!

List of 05 Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes

#1. VIVOSUN 5 Gallon Grow Bags

These tough, reusable bags are made from thick plastic and are sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest plants. The bag is designed to fit snugly over a standard pot. With this grow bag, you’ll be able to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in no time at all!

This grow bag is designed to work well in harsh weather conditions and keeping your plants thriving. It also has a black inner surface that absorbs sunlight, ensuring the plants get the most out of their surroundings.

The Vivosun Grow Bag Holes provide drainage stability and lightweight for cannabis plants. The holes are made in the bottom of the grow bag, so water and nutrients can easily drain away from the plant. This helps to reduce the chance of root rot and other problems caused by poorly drained soil.

This professional grade grow bag is made of heavy-duty plastic and features a dimension of 9.6” x 8.7” x 20”. It comes 50-Pack Package and is perfect for home or commercial growers. With this grow bag, you will be able to cultivate a variety of plants with ease and convenience.

#2. JERIA 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags

This 3 gallon plant grow bag is made of non-woven fabric that allows roots to breathe and grow healthier. The strong, durable fabric holds up to a lot of strain and prevents your plants from shifting around in the bag.

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This Plant Grow Bag helps to eliminate over watering by providing water drainage through the soil. This prevents excess water from going into the ground and causing flooding in your home or garden, which in turn, eliminates the need towater your plant frequently. In addition, this grow bag keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer, making it ideal for those locations that experience fluctuating temperatures.

The JERIA Plant Grow Bag is also leakproof, making it ideal for reducing the risk of transplant shock. With three gallon capacity, this grow bag can accommodate a large number of plants. It is specifically made for vegetables and flowers, and has a variety of features that make it an optimal choice.

It comes with built-in study handles for easy movement, making it perfect for creating a small space in your home that you can use to grow plants. The durable construction ensures that the bag will last long, while the stylish design ensures that it will look great in any room.

#3. Futone Planter Grow Bags

The Futone Planter Grow Bag is the ultimate gardening grow bag. It’s made from high-quality, durable materials, and it features a variety of convenient features that make planting and harvesting your plants easy. The grow bag comes with a built-in water reservoir, so you can easily keep your plants watered while they’re growing.

Additionally, the grow bag has special ventilation slots that allow air to flow freely through it, ensuring that your plants receive proper sunlight and airflow throughout their growth cycle. Finally, the grow bag comes with a built-in handle for easy transport.

The Futone Planter Grow Bag is a foldable and washable grow bag that can be stored easily when not in use. The 100 RISK FREE guarantee ensures that you have nothing to worry about when making this purchase. Whether you’re new to gardening or you’ve been doing it for years, the Futone Planter Grow Bag is an excellent solution for home gardeners.

#4. VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags

A 5-gallon grow bag is made of 300 grams of thickened nonwoven fabric. This fabric is moderately permeable, meaning it allows water and nutrients to flow through it easily. Additionally, the fabric is BPA-free, which makes it a safer option for those who are concerned about the chemical.

These grow bags are manufactured with nonwoven fabric its mean you don’t have to worry about the drainage system. By this durable material it’s pots do not retain excess water and allow the roots to breathe for healthier, which help the plant to growth their exact size which it needed.

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Additionally, if you want to move your plants one place to another then this vivosun bag is also best for your need. It comes with handles in the shape of strips which provide you a strong grip to move plants without any damage or applying too much power.

These bags can be used and reused for years, making them a cost-effective option for growers. The 5 gallon size is perfect for growing medium to large plants, and the portable design makes it easy to take your plants wherever you go.

#5. Smart Pots 20-Gallon Pot

The Smart Pots 20-Gallon Pot is a great addition to your backyard or deck. This smart pot is designed for commercial tree growers who need to manage their trees’ temperature. This pot allows excess heat to escape, so your trees can stay cool and healthy. It also has a rustproof finish that makes it durable and last longer.

These soft-sided fabric pots are perfect for any gardening or home landscape needs. They provide excellent aeration, helping to promote healthy soil conditions and reduce water waste. With a 20-gallon capacity, these pots are ideal for larger plants or areas.

These grow bags are the perfect size for small space gardens. The 20 inch diameter x 15.5 inch height provides enough room to grow several plants at once, and the sturdy fabric construction ensures that your plants will be safe from pests and weather conditions.

Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes: Buying Guide

When it comes to planting tomatoes, there are many choices to be made. From the type of tomato seed you use, to the type of soil you use, to the type of grow bag you choose, there is a lot to think about. In this buying guide, we will discuss the different factors to consider for grow bags and their benefits for planting tomatoes.

  • Material

There are several different types of materials that can be used in grow bags, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common type of grow bag is made from polyethylene, which is a durable and lightweight material. Polyethylene is also water resistant, so it’s ideal for climates that experience heavy rainfall or humidity.

  • Size

When purchasing a grow bag for tomatoes, size is always important to consider. A minimum 20 gallon grow bag requirement is typically required for tomato plants, but factors such as the size of the plant and the amount of light available will influence how large the grow bag needs to be. Additionally, it is important to take into account how much air the plant will need in its grow bag.

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Different varieties of tomatoes need different sized grow bags in order to grow properly. For example, a small grape tomato will need a smaller grow bag than an Ontario Giant. A grow bag also needs to be big enough to cover the tomato plants completely, but not so big that it causes constriction or over-fertilization.

  • Portability

This factor refers to how easily the grow bag can be transferred from one location to another. Factors that could affect portability include the size and weight of the grow bag, as well as the type of soil or substrate that will be used.

Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes

Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes: FAQs

Q. Are grow bags good for tomatoes?

Grow bags are effective for growing tomatoes. They allow the plant to get more sunlight and air, leading to a larger and healthier tomato. Additionally, they help the plants regulate their temperature. This can lead to a more consistent yield.

Q. What size grow bags do I need for tomatoes?

Tomatoes will thrive in soil that is at least 6 inches deep and composed of a mix of sand, compost, and organic matter. While most home gardeners will be able to grow tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets or larger, it is helpful to grow them in grow bags. Grow bags allow for more even water and air distribution, leading to healthier plants. A 20-gallon grow bag is the ideal size for most tomatoes.

Q. What soil is best for grow bags?

Soil quality is of utmost importance when growing cannabis. Poor soil can lead to poor plant growth, while ideal soil will have good drainage and retain just the right amount of moisture. In order to choose the best soil for grow bags, you need to first consider the type of plants you are growing. For indica strains, dense, well-draining soils are ideal. For sativa strains, lighter soils with more organic matter are better.


If you’re looking to add some extra tomato production to your garden, then you’ll want to consider investing in a grow bag. These bags help tomatoes grow in excess moisture and provide them with the perfect environment for healthy growth. Plus, they’re easy to use and hassle-free, making them an ideal choice for any gardener. So if you’re ready to up your tomatoes game, then be sure to check out our list of the best grow bags for tomatoes!

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