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Gardening for Beginners
Like in farm we can grow anything in our balcony/terrace with basic knowledge and minimal care and most of the vegetables can grow throughout the year.
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This video describes about some of important and basic tips for beginners to follow successful gardening.

Tip 1 : Grow Organic with Desi or native seeds
Tip 2 : Soil is a major source of nutrients needed by plants for growth.
Perfect potting mix contain red soil, Vermicompost and coco peat in 40 : 40 : 20
ratios and hand full of Neem cake.
Tip 3 : Basic rule for sowing depth is twice the size of seed. soak the seeds over night
for better germination of seeds.
Germination may take place in 3 to 18 days depending upon different varieties
Tip 4 : keep the soil moisture till the seeds get germinate. sprinkle water using
watering cans or manually using your hands. Don’t use pipes or mugs.
Tip 5 : plants caring .
Most vegetables need at least 3 to 6 hours sunlight but some plants like leafy
veggies will grow in less light even under shade
Tip 6 : Check the plants regularly and spray Neem oil and Panchagavya to keep the
insects away
Tip 7 : Include few flower plants in your vegetable garden, which attract beneficial
insects and act as natural pest repels
Tip 8 : Use shade net to protect the plants in hot summer
Tip 9 : Leafy vegetables start yielding in 20 to 30 days and vegetables will take 45 to
60 days from the date of germination
Tip 10:Add handful of compost for every 10 days for each pot to make sure soil has
enough nutrition’s to grow plants.
Tip 11: Use Eggshells, Banana peels, used Coffee or Tea powder , Washed rice water
as Organic fertilizer for garden plants

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