How the COVID Pandemic Changed Indoor Gardening & Houseplants in 2020 | Ep 92

Indoor Gardening
1. How has 2020 been different than 2019? 01:25
2. How has COVID affected the plant scene? 02:43
3. Thoughts on international imports this year? 03:12
4. Pros and cons of joining a Facebook plant group? 05:49
5. Tips for buying plants on Facebook? 07:53
6. Tips for beginning indoor houseplant hobbyists? 10:28
7. Cody, share some of your favorite plants! 12:32
8. What are the “hot” plants this year? 14:34

In this episode, we try to address how 2020, COVID-19, and the pandemic has affected indoor gardening and the houseplant hobby. Joining our channel is Cody who is a long-time and well-respected plant hobbyist. He is a moderator for a prominent Facebook plant group, has his own plant YouTube channel “The Plant Channel”, and a trusted rare plant seller. Follow him on Instagram @thecrazyplantman.

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